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About me:

My name is Mikhail. I live in Russia. I'm 29 years old man (1991)

I develop games for Sega Genesis!

I also like to play Sega Genesis, Famicom, Super Famicom, PC Engine, PSX, Sega Saturn, PSP and Nintendo DS, but my true pashion is Blast Processing!

I create video games, mods, hacks, videos,
streams and other staff related to 8-16 bit games.

I'm also a World Record holder for several speedruns.

Site is under construction

My projects:


Name Description
SwitchbladePort from oldschool computers game to Sega Genesis.
Zero Tolerance SequelsThis game supposed to released in 1994, but during some issues it doesnt.
Reworked, fixed and ready to release.
Need a release date. Ask Piko Interractive about it.
Zero Tolerance Link-Cable emulationBy having access to game source code, I started making Link-Cable emulation.
C++ Genesis EngineAfter some works on SGDK, i decided to make my own better engine for developing Sega Genesis games.
Super ContraTried to start porting Super Contra from Arcades to Sega Genesis.
Going to comback to it at some day.


Name Description
Contra Super Hard CorpsSega Genesis game hack that improves mechanics.
Only first level done.
Changed enemies AI and Level Design.
Turrican Music HackHack of game Turrican that changes music engine,
music tracks and soiunds to more good.
Alien 3 HotSwapHack of game Alien 3 that inserts some mad glitches using difficulty value.
Sega Gopher Menu ForcedHack of BIOS menu for handheld Sega Gopher console.
It fixes most sound issues.
Deprecated: seek for Neto Boot Loader instead.
Super MarevoTrash hack of Super Mario port for Sega Genesis.
It bring's back memories of chinese pirate cart named "9999 in one" and also adds some cool features and cheats to activate, making it a sandbox.


Check out my runs. Don't forget to turn on "Show misc. categories"


Name Description
Importance of Data AlignmentMy best video about small, but very important thing you must understand while develop games for Sega Genesis.
Cart Hot Swap glitchesStory from my childhood, when i started Hot Swapping carts.
A lot of glitches was discovered. Video made for Russian audience
Взломщик кодовReview of russian Game Genie clone cart.
Made for Russian Audience.
Как заставить световой пистолет работать на плазмеExplained, how to make work Zapper on modern LCD TV's.
Made for Russian Audience.
Battletoads RAM CorruptionsAwesome video showcase of glitches made by doing RAM Corruptions.
Technical Sega Genesis overviewTechnical explaining of Sega Genesis creation, hardware, games, etc.
Made for russian audience.
How to change Sprite in any Sega gameExplaining how to change any sprite in any game.
In my opinion, this is not my best attempt to explain that. Made for russian audience.
Ryzen 2700
Powercolor Radeon Vega 56 Reddragon
16GB Hynix DDR4
256GM SSD Samsung EVO 970